Tuesday, February 24, 2015

....where Christopher Robin plays....

I just finished packing away the last of the costumes from my Let's PLAY!  production of Winnie-the-Pooh KIDS.  31 costumes, all but one custom-built for this cast.

Okay, let's be real.  30 costumes, all by me, and all done out-of-pocket.  So to say I built them all might be a stretch since I definitely took some short cuts and used some off-the-rack items, but I'm pretty pleased with what I accomplished.  All told, I spent just shy of $415 on 30 costumes, which is about $13.78 per kid...although that figure is skewed somewhat by the three or four costumes I really splurged on.  Could I have spent less?  Certainly.  I could have eliminated my tights order and saved over $150 right off the top, but I.  Cannot.  Resist.  We Love Colors.  (And the tights are such good quality that I only lost ONE pair out of twenty to holes and runs, and they were all worn and worn and WORN by children ages 3-11).  Can I use many of these items over and over again?  Absolutely.  So I'm not sweating the cost (although I guess my husband might).