Monday, September 8, 2014

Vegas, baby!

Having taken the entire summer off from blogging, I have a backlog of topics to catch up on.  I know you've just been dying to hear the conclusion of the compelling Dance Costume 2014 Saga, and who am I to deny my faithful readers?  If it weren't for the two of you, I'd be sitting here talking to myself.

Max took three dance classes last year, ballet, tap, and Irish.  (I want you to note that I am now a convert to the Oxford comma.  Don't ask, or I'll have to blog about it.)  Once again, his costumes fell completely to me, as the dance costume companies have little to offer costume-loving boys like mine.

Ballet, as I mentioned before, had a wedding theme, and my boy was the one little groom in a sea of tutu-ed brides.  An easy, off-the-rack costume, and Max is now the only 9 year old that I know personally who owns two tuxedos.

Here he is with his pal, Maddy.  Not a great shot of the costume, necessarily,
but I love this photo of the two of them, and I love how happy Max looks IN this photo.
The boy loves to dance!

He ended up wearing a kilt again for Irish, just wouldn't be talked out of it.

Never mind two tuxedos, I actually don't know any
other 9 year olds who own two KILTS.

And....tap.  "Viva Las Vegas."  What could I do but make him an Elvis jumpsuit???

Thank you.  Thank you very much.

I purchased the pattern from a website that specializes in supplies for Elvis impersonators.  Yes.  Yes I did. The pattern called for a zipper up the front, and I was just not down with that, so in a burst of inspiration, I made the entire thing from a very heavy white spandex, so that it would be stretchy enough for him to step into and pull up over his shoulders.  This decision actually turned out to be really smart (totally meant to, no way was this a happy coincidence) because as luck and necessity would have it, his tap routine was scheduled just two numbers after his Irish performance, and not having to fumble with a zipper (which surely would have jammed, or ripped out, or fallen prey to some other zipper-related disaster in our haste) probably made the difference between him getting back onstage in time and not.  Because you know we needed every precious second to work on his hair, am I right?

Anyway, I bought a Bedazzler, which is a product I recommend to NO ONE.  Then I discovered the world of IRON-ON RHINESTONES.  Yes.  This is a thing.  Who knew?  There are endless Etsy stores, not to mention other websites, that sell nothing but designs already laid out for you in an endless array of rhinestones and metal studs, just waiting to be ironed on to your clothes.  Now you know, go forth and be dazzling.  While I was not able to find a sweet, red, white, and blue (Oxford comma) eagle to emblazon across Max's chest, the stars I found were inexpensive, easy to apply, and made both of us happy.

Iron-on rhinestones! A marvel!

I was also asked to make headpieces for the girls in the class.  Their costume came with a small feathered hair clip, and their teacher just didn't like them.  She wanted a real "showgirl" look.  These headpieces were actually simple to make, and cost less than $4 a piece!  I purchased pre-made fun foam visors and turned them upside-down.  I found red sparkle foam that already had an adhesive backing, and with very careful placement, was able to trace each visor twice per sheet of sparkle foam.  The adhesive on the sparkle foam was sufficient to not only adhere it to the visor, but to sandwich a dozen feathers in between as well.  The curly plastic strap for the visor made it easy to adjust the fit for each girl, and gave us something to bobby pin securely.  From the stage, the headdresses looked GREAT!  I was very pleased with this project, for the simplicity, low-cost, and WOW! factor.

Showgirl headdresses, in progress.

Yeah, baby!
Max is (allegedly*) taking FIVE dance classes this year.  Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Irish and Musical Theater.   And his brother is enrolled** in a Ballet/Tap/Tumble combo class.  Should be a fun challenge next spring!

*Stay tuned for an update on whether Max can actually fit five dance classes per week into his schedule.
** Stay tuned for an update on whether Milo actually stays in the class that HE ASKED TO BE SIGNED UP FOR.  Grrrrr.


  1. Very nice costumes :)

    But about this comma stuff..... I read an article about the "Oxford cooma" last spring and felt totally vindicated. I argued with my elementary school teacher in fourth grade (Mrs. Mulligan) about this and lost. No matter how logical the use of a comma before "and" in a series is, EVERY SINGLE TEACHER marked me off for it when I used one. But I tried for years. Because I'm stubborn. I think maybe that is the source of my chronic over-use of commas that drives Lisa mad. Lisa wasn't the type of fourth grader to tell the teacher the grammar book was wrong.

    1. I have always been very anti-Oxford comma, probably because I went to elementary in the same era that you did. I say I'm an Oxford comma user today. I'll probably forget by tomorrow.

    2. Never met a comma I didn't like. I've even recently, likely because old age is causing eccentricity to grow in my heart, begun sometimes (but only in certain specific uses) putting them's almost too scandalous to admit......OUTSIDE the quotation marks!

      And I've also apparently begun spelling comma "cooma".

  2. I am not a fan of the Oxford comma. And outside the quotation marks.....aaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!!! I can't stand it. I have in the past year or so started using semicolons every chance I get, especially at the day job thing I do.


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