Monday, September 29, 2014

Here's a fun new way to suck up several hours of my week!

It's not enough that my entire family is addicted to Once Upon a Time on ABC, now I'm going to spend several hours a week blogging about it!

A site that I follow, The Disney Driven Life, put out a call the other day for a OUAT blogger, and on a whim, I said sure, I'll give it a go!  The highly anticipated Season 4 premiere was last night....if you want to hear all about it, gripe about it, make fun of it, love on it....head on over to The Disney Driven Life and join the conversation! WARNING:  My posts will contain SPOILERS, people.  Don't read until after you've watched the episode each week.  I just don't wanna hear it from you, you've been warned.

Questions about your favorite characters on OUAT?  Comment throughout the week, and I'll do my best to answer!

What in the hell is going on HERE?   Word is yes, that IS what you think it is.  Let's hope Rumple has more luck with it than Donald Duck.

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