Saturday, April 19, 2014

Secret Agent Man

Max's ninth birthday party was last weekend, and I have gone straight from that into crunch-time for Dance Costumes 2014, not to mention the final countdown to Into the Woods auditions.  Adrian took the boys out for the day today, which finally gave me some time to sort and edit photos....anyway, that's not the excuse for not blogging about the party yet.  The real reason is...big events like this, parties or shows or whatever, they just take all of my creative energy (not to mention my spare time), and it turns out blogging doesn't take a back seat when I'm in the throes of big creative projects.  Blogging gets left home alone.  Without a babysitter.

Anyway.  The theme of the party was International Secret Agent.  We were inspired by Max's current love of geography and world cultures, and it was actually really awesome to incorporate party planning into homeschooling, and learning into partying.