Thursday, February 6, 2014

Don't be fancy, just get dancy.

Milo's fourth birthday party: part two arrived hard on the heels of part one, the hour that I scheduled between them disappearing rapidly into overlapping guests,  swapping out table cloths, bundling away leftover treasure-chest-decorating supplies, and reconfiguring the buffet.  The guest list for party number two included family and close friends with older children, all people I have entertained on numerous occasions, so I was not as concerned with being picture perfect.

The theme, such as it was, for this second half of Milo's celebration was a glow dance party. This was probably the easiest party I've ever thrown, and I highly recommend it for any age, so long as you can a) have your party at night, or b) have it some place where you can control the lighting (ie, an indoor space with no windows).  Milo helped me fill up a two-hour playlist with upbeat pop and dance music, we set up a sound system out on the driveway, and I laid out a fairly huge quantity of glow necklaces, glow bracelets, finger lights, glow balloons, and light-up beach balls.  The kids had a blast, dancing and running all over the yard.  It looked kinda like this:


and kinda like this:

Oooh, trippy.

with a little bit of this:

and a whole lot of this:

The best part was, for once there was absolutely no way to lose track of any of these kids in the dark yard! (I jest, I've never lost a kid at a party.  Not really.  My niece tends to get misplaced sometimes, but that's only because she takes Hide & Seek VERY seriously.)

Dinner was simple, just rigatoni with meatballs and sauce I'd made a week earlier and frozen, sausage and peppers, and caesar salad.  Oh, and a pan of mac and cheese, but only because I'd made mac and cheese for dinner the night before, and as per usual, I made twice as much cheese sauce as I needed for that, so I used the remainder making up a pan for the party.  Nothing fancy, but I'm pretty sure no one went hungry.  I did get to reuse my new favorite milk bottles, this time with glow straws, so that made me very happy.

Toward the end of the evening, I served cupcakes and had everyone sing to Milo, but really, this half of the celebration was less birthday party and more just a fun time with Milo's "big" friends.  The glow aspect was a winner, and one I will definitely revisit.


  1. Pssshhhh... Hank and I OWNED that dance floor!! :) Great party!

    1. I make no comment on anything that happens in the dark of my back yard.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Anne! One of the easiest parties ever, and all ages had a blast :)


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