Sunday, January 5, 2014

#weVerb14: number 5

A couple of days ago, someone suggested to me that I participate in #weVerb14, a series of writing prompts, a challenge, I guess.  It looks really cool, but I confess that none of the prompts inspired me enough to put pen to paper, as it were.  Too much thinking required, perhaps.

Anyway, today is the fifth prompt in the series (and let me just say, I really appreciate the laid-back vibe of this particular challenge, there is no pressure to complete every prompt, or even complete them in order.  So I am unabashedly jumping in here at number 5, with no heavy feeling of commitment for the rest of the series.  What a relief!) is:

5: sing

What song or lyrics will be forever tied to 2013 in your mind? What songs are you excited to keep with you through 2014?

I love music, and I love to sing.  I'm in a band, and I'm heavily involved with my local community theater, so there is no shortage of musical opportunities in my life.  One of my personal highlights last year was singing in a rock-n-roll show at the park in my little town.  It was a thrilling experience, performing with top-notch musicians for hundreds of people every night.  It's an experience we are all hoping to recreate this year, with a new show in May, but I have my private doubts that we will be able to recapture the same level of magic and excitement.  The whole experience had a major "lightening in a bottle" feeling to me.  Anyway, I sang lead on a couple of songs, my big number in the show was Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man," and while I loved singing that song every night, for me, the song that will always take me back to 2013, the one that epitomizes that whole experience, is "Time of the Season" by the Zombies.
Now, for 2014?  Well, I am directing "Into the Woods" this summer, so I suspect that soundtrack will heavily color my memories of 2014.  Right now, the song that speaks to me the most is "No One is Alone."  I will be interested to reflect on this a year from now, and see if that song remains my favorite, my 2014 musical touchstone.

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