Saturday, January 11, 2014

#weVERB14: number 10

10: support

How did you volunteer your help last year? What will you do this year?

I spend a lot of time volunteering. My mother would say I need to say "NO" more often, and I try, I do, but I laugh when she says it, because I learned my behavior at her knee, to be sure.  It's a family thing.  A habit.  My sister and I founded a non-profit about six years ago to build playground, and the organization grew into such a time-gobbling monster, with preschool classes and music festivals and 5K fun runs that we finally did have to say "ENOUGH," and lay that baby to rest a year or so ago.  So I am trying to curb the number of hours I donate, and find a happy balance between time for myself, time for my family, and time for the community.  Happily, I can often accomplish all three with the same activity.  These days, I primarily give my time to our local community theater, as a director and teacher and Facebook moderator, and that seems to take up just the right amount of time.  I will continue these activities into 2014 and beyond, I imagine.

As rewarding as my theater time is, though, I think what I will remember the most about 2013 is the time I really, truly, helped a friend.  A friend who was facing an unimaginable situation, and I was able to be there for her and her family, in body and spirit, and in some small way make their journey easier.

If I can match that experience, or even come close, in 2014...well, that would be, if you can indulge a theater geek for a moment, a blessing on my head.


  1. I think volunteering is an amazing opportunity to give! I hate to admit it, but I do not do it as often as I would like to. Kudos to you and I hope in 2014 you continue to give your time and effort to everything. And saying no sometimes is needed. It is good to find a balance between a yes and a no.

    1. I agree, Aleisha, and thanks! I'm looking forward to spending some of my time in 2014 getting to know my new DisneyMP Hopeful friends better, too :)


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