Monday, December 1, 2014

Once upon a time, all I wrote about was Once Upon a Time

SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET BACK TO BLOGGING.  Too much other stuff on my plate right now. Grrrr.

Until that happy day arrives, enjoy my second-to-last snark about the Frozen-arc on Once Upon A Time over on Disney Driven Life,  and enjoy this picture of Colin O'Donoghue, just because.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Still frozen.

It's true. Once is still Frozen.  Even a two-hour episode was not enough time to wrap up this lame story arc.

You know what to do.  Go read about it over on Disney Driven Life, and then come back and tell me to stop being such an Elsa-hater.

You may admire the way I masterfully
stride around my ship.

PS - I stole this Hook .gif for you from a tumblr called F***YeahHook.  Because I go that extra mile, just for YOU.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The countdown is on! Bring on Cruella.

The Frozen story line is wrapping up in Once Upon a Time, and, just in case you haven't caught on yet, I AM REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO LETTING IT GO.

This episode, in particular, was close to unwatchable, so I don't blame you if you didn't.  You can go read my recap over on Disney Driven Life, instead.

BUT!  There is a light at the end of this ice tunnel!!  Word is, the next big baddie to hit Storybrooke (other than a probable return to their overtly wicked ways by Regina and Mr. Gold) will be my all-time favorite, Cruella de Vil.

Something tells me that Archie's pal Pongo better keep a sharp eye out.

Archie and Pongo, in happier times.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Watch out!!

Several months ago, when I was in the throes of Into the Woods tech, I got a phone call from an unknown number.  So, let's be real - the only reason *I* even answered the phone is because I was in the throes of tech, and figured it was a call about tickets or publicity or some other show-related crisis.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FINALLY!!! A OUAT episode all about HOOK!!

Just kidding.

But we are reaching the end of the Frozen arc, so I have very high hopes that we'll return to Hook, Regina, and all the characters I actually care about VERY SOON.  Or, at least after the insanely long mid-winter break (during which I am FREAKISHLY excited to check out Galavant!)

Go read all about Emma and Snow Queen over on Disney Driven Life, then come back here and talk about Hook with me, 'kay 'kay?

Monday, October 27, 2014

When does loving a show turn into hate-watching? Right about.....


Guys, this is heartbreaking.  Heartbreaking!!  For three seasons I have adored Once Upon a Time, and  it's just not doing it for me right now.  We're half-way through the Frozen arc, so I am keeping hope alive that better things are just around the river bend.

The name of last night's episode was "Breaking Glass." Watching it was more like walking on broken glass.  You can read all about it over on the Disney Driven Life, and then tell me how wrong I am to be hating on Elsa and the Snow Queen storyline.

Monday, October 20, 2014

OUAT: M-I-C, K-E-Why are you destroying my favorite show???

Seriously.  Season 4, Episode 4.   "The Apprentice."  In which the movie references become so smack-you-in-the-face ridiculous, that I'm not sure how much more I can take.

Check out everything I've got to say on the matter, over on the Disney Driven Life.  And then come back here and persuade me to tune in next week.

What am I supposed to call you, Captain Hand?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Family Went to Shakori, And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

Back in 2006, my sisters and I hatched a plan to travel to the Shakori Hills Grassroots Music & Arts Festival.  We spent a couple of weeks airing out tents and gathering supplies...and then the morning we were supposed to leave, the Atlanta sister, the one who is a fairly regular music-festival-goer,  called and said, Uh, yeah, so it's going to rain all weekend, we're not going.  Two out of three of us followed suit, and I never really mustered the enthusiasm to try camping at a music festival again (although I did attempt putting on my *own* music festival....but that's another story, never mind, anyway....)

Monday, October 13, 2014

OUAT: Episode Three...and My Charlie Brown Vacation

Hmmm.....blogging about OUAT seems to be using up all of my blogging time.  I'll get on top of that, for reals.  Especially because I have a very pathetic story to tell you about my recent trip out of town. Trust'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll laugh AT'll be terrif.

Meanwhile, go watch this week's OUAT and then tell me how much you're hating totally loving this season!  You can check out my thoughts over on the Disney Driven Life!

Michael Socha, the Knave of Hearts on Once Upon a Time:Wonderland,
turns up in this episode as Will Scarlet.  Scarlet?  Hearts?  And they're
the same person?? THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's Once Upon A Time time!

Delays on the DLL server combined with me not watching Episode 2 until Monday morning means I'm a little late to the recap party this week....but come on, surely you saved your opinions on David's lovely locks for me?

Go check out my recap of "White Out" over on the Disney Driven Life, and tell me what you thought!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Into the [steampunk][ish] woods....

The main reason I was absent from my blog for so many months over the summer is that I was pouring all of my time and creative energies into directing and designing a local production of Into the Woods.  This production was really a dream project for me, and I was really lucky to recruit a creative team that was all-in when it came time to take the images out of my head and realize them in living 3-D.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Here's a fun new way to suck up several hours of my week!

It's not enough that my entire family is addicted to Once Upon a Time on ABC, now I'm going to spend several hours a week blogging about it!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Vegas, baby!

Having taken the entire summer off from blogging, I have a backlog of topics to catch up on.  I know you've just been dying to hear the conclusion of the compelling Dance Costume 2014 Saga, and who am I to deny my faithful readers?  If it weren't for the two of you, I'd be sitting here talking to myself.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Villains Unleashed 2014

Last last spring, I found myself agreeing to an August trip to Walt Disney World.

Totally insane, I know.  Central Florida, in August.  Bring on the Vitamin X!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Secret Agent Man

Max's ninth birthday party was last weekend, and I have gone straight from that into crunch-time for Dance Costumes 2014, not to mention the final countdown to Into the Woods auditions.  Adrian took the boys out for the day today, which finally gave me some time to sort and edit photos....anyway, that's not the excuse for not blogging about the party yet.  The real reason is...big events like this, parties or shows or whatever, they just take all of my creative energy (not to mention my spare time), and it turns out blogging doesn't take a back seat when I'm in the throes of big creative projects.  Blogging gets left home alone.  Without a babysitter.

Anyway.  The theme of the party was International Secret Agent.  We were inspired by Max's current love of geography and world cultures, and it was actually really awesome to incorporate party planning into homeschooling, and learning into partying.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Identity Crisis!!

I am having a total identity crisis.

Not long ago, I mentioned that one of the things a really like about myself is my hair.  I cut my hair really short about a month after Milo was born, and have worn it in some variation of the faux-hawk/swoop ever since, about four years now.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Renaissance Faire Birthday Party fit for a Prince

Max's ninth birthday is looming large, and the celebration promises to be.....well, let's just say he's once again raised the bar (while, surprisingly, kinda repeating a theme). It's made me hella anxious that I haven't yet blogged about his party from two YEARS ago.  Yes, I realize that blogging about a party that happened two years ago is hugely unimportant.  But in the interest of falling asleep tonight, imma doooit.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It helps if you ask the right question.

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the feedback on my post from earlier today, here on the blog and on Facebook and in private messages.  

My cousin, Colleen, made an interesting point that " [T]he internet is ruining parenting. Everyone seems to be doing it better. Everyone has an opinion on how you should be doing this. No stranger emailed our mothers and told them when they were doing something wrong, or failing us. They sorted it out."

She's right, but it's also right that I feel better for having reached out and heard from so many people that I'm NOT doing it wrong, that parents ALL have these issues.  I didn't find an answer, but I found support, and that's better.  Well, kinda.

I'm failing.

My head is pounding.  My eyes are swollen.  My nose is running and I've shouted myself hoarse.

Just another morning trying to get my 4 year old out the door to preschool.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Little Chef: Cheddar Cheese Soup and a Spice Rub

For his next meal, Max decided to try another recipe from the "Feed Your Small World" cookbook, the somewhat ridiculously named "Cheddar Cheese-tastic Soup."  He was not convinced that soup would be enough of a meal, so he also wanted to make salad with grilled chicken. He's been talking about "inventing" his own spice rub for awhile now, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for him to give that a try.  And, being Max, he also wanted another shot at making baguettes.

Monday, March 10, 2014

It's almost umbrella-drink weather!

Spring is my favorite season.  I love, more than anything, those first days of real Spring, when it's warm and sunny enough that you want to be outside, and there's still a chill in the air but you're ignoring it because you're just so excited that it's really, truly Spring, at last.  Spring means pedicures and planting, yard work and sundown drinks on the patio.  Spring means long, glorious days and nights when we live outside.  Spring means music.  Spring is crazy busy, but I love love love SPRING!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I've made a huge mistake.

I play in a band with my sister and brother-in-law.  The band's name is motherboy, which, for you Arrested Development fans out there, is the best band name ever, am I right?

Friday, February 28, 2014

My own sartorial choices

I am not what you might call a trendsetter.  Or a trend-follower, for that matter.  My personal style has evolved over the years, as I constantly try to find a look that flatters my body as well as enhances whatever image I have crafted for myself in any given year.  I have had my fair share of hits, and definitely my fair share of misses.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Little Chef: Risotto! Plus Chicken Cutlets with Prosciutto and Asparagus

For our second week of cooking lessons, Max selected an Italian menu.  Shocking, I know.  Max would eat Italian 18 out of 21 meals per week, if I'd cook it.  He is definitely his daddy's son.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

E.T.R.A: Washington, D.C. Edition!

Originally posted as "The Big Adventure: Part One" on The I's Have It, April 23, 2011, "The Big Adventure: Part Two" on The I's Have It, May 10, 2011.  Filed under Identity, Inner Peace, Indulgence, Introspection.  Now with Bonus Photos!

[Editor's Note: In 2011, I took my children, ages 5 and 15 months, on a two-week trip to Washington, D.C., via Amtrak.  We lived in a small apartment in Petworth, and relied completely on public transportation.]

Friday, February 14, 2014

Running into 40

This is going to be a different kind of post...I promise I'll be back to my usual goofiness in the next day or so, but today is my birthday, and I'm in the mood to share.  You have to humor me because I said so, and I am the birthday girl.

One year from today, I will turn 40.  It's hard for me to really grasp that, even though I have been married to a man IN HIS FORTIES for two and a half years now.  40.  Forty.  FOUR-TEEEEEEE.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Let them eat hummus.

Hummus Graveyard.

Hummus Railroad, with bonus ranch dip tanker car.

Hummus Oz, version 1.0.

Hummus Oz, version 2.0.

Hummus Wonderland.

We're all mad here.

I've had Alice in Wonderland on the brain, of late.  I'm working on some Alice skits with my theater kids, and singing Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" in the upcoming "rock-n-roll show" (as Milo likes to call it)(and here's hoping I don't get the two confused and start freaking the kids out with my Grace Slick impersonation).  So I thought it would be a fun time to revisit Max's second birthday.

If you know Max, you may be surprised to learn that there was, in fact, a time when he wasn't quite so Max-y.  By age 2, his unique set of character traits had only just started to emerge.  He was just coming into the costume craze that is still going strong today, he was not really aware of Disney or characters or movies or any of that (although by his second birthday, he had made his first trip to WDW, the trip that marks the beginning of our traveling-to-Disney-mania).  He loved two things: music and flowers.  He could walk you all around the backyard, naming every flower and plant he could spot.  Hibiscus, gardenia, salvia.  Hyacinth, coneflowers, acuba, lantana.  It got to the point where *I* was asking *him* what stuff was, and he was regularly wowing/amusing/boring-to-tears visitors to our backyard with his incredibly comprehensive backyard tours.  Yeah, it was kinda weird. But very endearing.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Don't be fancy, just get dancy.

Milo's fourth birthday party: part two arrived hard on the heels of part one, the hour that I scheduled between them disappearing rapidly into overlapping guests,  swapping out table cloths, bundling away leftover treasure-chest-decorating supplies, and reconfiguring the buffet.  The guest list for party number two included family and close friends with older children, all people I have entertained on numerous occasions, so I was not as concerned with being picture perfect.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Parrrrrrrrrty like a four-year-old pirate.

Well, I went through with it.  Milo had two birthday parties, one right after the other.  And while both parties were deemed a success by the birthday boy, I gotta say, guys, I kinda half-assed 'em both.  A textbook example of stretching myself too thin.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blood brothers.

Yesterday was a snow day.  Today is, too.  Adrian actually stayed home today, so I've got a minute of peace and quiet while he's taking his turn outside with the kids, playing in the snow.  Well, ice.  It's really ice.  Whatever.  It's white, and it's cold, and they're having fun.

Anyway, yesterday was a snowless snow day, and Max had his bestie over all day following a sleepover the night before.  And while there was a whole lot of this:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's like they're daring me....

It's that time of year again.  No, I'm not talking about Girl Scout cookies, damn it. This very as-we-speak moment, Max is at his second dance class of, dun dun DUUUUUN! Costume Week.  As in, look kids, this is what you'll be wearing in this year's recital!

Monday, January 20, 2014

My Little Chef

Max loves to cook.  It started when he was small, and would get a carrot and a head of broccoli out of the crisper, put it in a pot with some water, and tell me he'd made soup for lunch.  Ooh, or there was this one very memorable snack he made for me.....Anyway, over the years, we have done a lot of cooking together, with varying results. For a long time, we were severely limited by his very picky eating...I never could reconcile how he would be so interested in cooking and yet so adamant about not trying anything new.  It kinda infuriated me, actually, to the point I flat-out refused to cook anything with him that he wasn't planning to eat, himself.

Friday, January 17, 2014

E.T.R.A. (Exhaustive Trip Report Ahead - you have been warned): California Edition

Originally posted as "R is for...." on The I's Have It, November 28, 2012.  Now with bonus photos!

 I do totally recognize that it's really boring to read about someone else's vacation.  That being said....

R is for...Remembering.

Wednesday, October 3.  We had a crazy early flight, both because we were flying on points and because I had high hopes that the early hour would mean my children would go back to sleep once we were in the air (I know I don't need to tell you how THAT worked out, right?)  We flew out of Wilmington at 5:35am, with two stops and two plane changes ahead of us, full-to-capacity flights all.  About five minutes before we boarded, Milo started to freak out: "No plane! No fly! Me TRAIN!" so we had to totally lie to him, for the rest of the trip as it turned out, and tell him oh yes indeed, we are boarding A TRAIN right now.  I don't think he believed us AT ALL, but for some reason our deceptions soothed him.  I was absolutely not going to be the person on the plane with the kicking and screaming toddler, so, whatever it takes, amirite?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throw-Back-Thursday: The Origins of Sartor

Originally posted as "C is for...." on The I's Have It, April 8, 2012.  Filed under , , , , .  Now with bonus pictures!

I fell into costuming a bit by accident.  I have been involved with theater, community and school, for most of my life, but I really dove in head first about ten years ago, when I started working with the Brunswick Little Theatre.  I started out as an actress but quickly took a turn as a director.  I kind of became a costumer by default; at the time I decided to direct my first show, the theater didn't really have anyone who "did" costumes.  My first show was Pippin, so it was easy enough, a whole lot of people wearing black and changing their hats or tunics or whatever....but those tunics had to be fabricated, and I was the one who had to do it.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Around the world in an afternoon

My older son, Max, loves geography and history, is fascinated by other cultures and languages, and longs to travel the world.  Our homeschooling is entirely designed around his obsession, with me working math and science lessons into whatever his country du jour is.  (Actually, as obsessions go, I have to say it's a pretty good one to homeschool around.)

His interest dates back several years, at this point.  When he was turning six, he decided he wanted an Around the World themed birthday party.  After I cleared my head of all the hazy memories I have of Around the World parties I hosted in college (White Russian, anyone?), I got him focused on making a list of countries he wanted to have represented.  I was thinking three or four.  He gave me a list of seventeen.  We compromised.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Farewell, Camp Minnie-Mickey

On January 6, 2014, Camp Minnie-Mickey was closed to make way for Walt Disney World's new Avatarland.  I have very mixed feelings about Avatarland.  Mixed, leaning heavily towards WTF.  In fairness, I haven't seen Avatar...but I haven't seen it because I haven't cared to devote a couple hundred minutes of my life to it.  I really don't know why, actually.  It seems like it's right up my alley, on paper.  Fantasy, science fiction, majestic flying creatures, glowing stuff... Honestly, I think I haven't watched it because James Cameron just seems like an arrogant jackass.  And that's totally not okay for me to judge him like that, come to think of it, so as penance, I am going to add Avatar to my Must See List, and put it in the number three spot (right behind the second Hunger Games movie and Saving Mr. Banks.  I KNOW.) 

Camp Minnie-Mickey is the first major closure in Disney's Animal Kingdom...but since it was never part of the original plans for the park, I guess it's a wonder that it lasted as long as it did.  Themed as a summer camp set in the North American woods, the entire area was originally designated as the site for the Beastly Kingdom, a never-realized (DAMN IT) land devoted to mythical creatures (and the reason for the dragon on the AK logo, as well as the Unicorn section that I always seem to park in).  Camp Minnie-Mickey was quaint, but nothing really much happened there besides the Festival of the Lion King (now being relocated to the Africa section, thank God, because it kinda bugged me to have lions in the North American Woods) and a whole lotta character meet-n-greets.  

I gained a new appreciation for the theming of Camp Minnie-Mickey when we moved to our little house on the edge of Lake Hastie.  Living in a coastal area, we are surrounded by beach-themed decor. Every third person has signs shaped like flip-flops saying "It's five o'clock somewhere!" stuck up on their walls, or an over-abundance of seashells in their yard/living room/bathroom, or you know, these dangling from somewhere or another in their house, and so Adrian and I have kind of prided ourselves on going the lake/rustic cottage route.  Well, not really.  But we talk about it a lot.  

Anyway, one thing I really loved about Camp Minnie-Mickey was these guys:


They weren't part of a ride, or attraction, they didn't mark the entrances to the character trails or anything, they were just there, a little something to look at in an area that didn't have...a whole lot to look at.

Now, like many of you, I’m not happy unless I’m planning my next trip to WDW.  In case you haven't caught on yet, my family tries to travel to Disney World at least once a year, and we're not shy about being pretty Disney-centric even when we're not on vacation.  We have spent our fair share (probably more) on Disney souvenirs over the years, and while I love adding those items to our home, I’m not really one to decorate my whole house with character merchandise, cute as is may be.  What I love about the rich tapestry of Disney, though, is that my house can “be Disney” without being obvious, that a little faith, trust and pixie dust (and a lot of hot glue and paint) can go along way towards bringing some magic back home.  These pictures, for example, gave me a great idea to add a touch of Disney whimsy to our back porch, a place where we spend about eight months out of the year.

This project was really simple, and used materials that I had on hand, two major bonuses in my book.  (Oooh, now's a good time to record for posterity one of my main resolutions for 2014:  I may only craft with materials that I have on hand.  NO MORE ASPIRATIONAL CLUTTER!!!!)  So,  I started out by laminating the prints, to protect them from the elements.  I happen to have a laminator, so that's what I used, but I have done subsequent projects for the outdoors with the peel-and-stick laminating sheets, and they have worked just as well (disclaimer: although these items are outdoors, they are on a covered porch and not subject to direct sun or rain).   I cut a piece of dark brown fun foam (waterproof!) for the backing, giving myself about an inch-wide border all the way around the print, and glued down the laminated print.   Then, in keeping with the summer camp theme,  I made simple frames out of popsicle sticks and grosgrain ribbon – how's that for whimsy?

This is a terrible photograph.  Resolved for 2014: take better photographs.
So, now my little house by the lake has an unexpected little shrine to a bygone Disney land.  Camp Minnie-Mickey wasn't much, but it was sweet, and I'm happy to have these little photos hanging up for as long as the popsicle sticks stay glued together.  But I can pretty much promise you that even when they do fall apart,  I won't ever replace them with framed photos of these guys.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

#weVERB14: number 10

10: support

How did you volunteer your help last year? What will you do this year?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood....

Back in late 2011 or so, we were planning yet another trip to Walt Disney World, this time to coincide with Milo's second birthday.  Max, already a costume-wearing, Disney-World-visiting pro, wanted to know what costumes Milo would be wearing on the upcoming trip.

The problem was that, unlike Max, Milo had yet to exhibit anything but a very passing interest in wearing costumes.  A mere tolerance, as it were, and that was only on good days.  Max had really high hopes of the two of them traipsing all over in elaborately coordinated outfits, and I was reluctant to burst his bubble, but I didn't really see fighting with Milo over costumes as being a great addition to our vacation routine.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Throw-Back-Thursday: My Disney World Addiction

Originally posted as "My Love Affair with Walter Biznee" on "The I's Have It," December 31, 2011.  Filed under Idiosyncrasies, Imagination, Indulgence, Information.

We are a Disney family.  I freely admit it, I've bought into it: the movies, the television, the toys and books and theme parks, hook, line and sinker.  Ol' Walt ain't losin' any money over here at the Iapalucci house, that's for sure.

I have always been a fan, to a certain degree.  One of the first movies I can remember watching was The Fox and the Hound.  As a kid, Disney World held a mystical, magical appeal; the two or three times we travelled there as a family were highly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed, but I was much older before I became aware of Disney as a brand.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Brave Boy

My younger son, Milo, will turn four in a couple of weeks, and the topic of his birthday party has been hot around here for several months, it seems.  Back in July, we went for a quick overnight to our favorite hotel-with-indoor-water-park down in Myrtle Beach, and that night there was a kids' "Glow Dance Party" - basically a rave for the 12 and unders.  Milo LOVED this event, and has been talking about having a glow dance party "but in outer space, with rockets" for his birthday ever since.

Milo started preschool this year, which is new for our family.  It means he has a whole lot of little friends whose parents I really don't know, at all.  If it were Max's birthday, I'd be all, "Heeey, Max wants a dance party for his birthday and it's gonna be in the backyard so it can't start until 7pm" and all of our usual suspects would be all, "Heeey, a kid's birthday party at night time? Par for the course at Jen's house," and it would be no big deal.  Anyway, I decided to rent out the local dance studio, which has a nice big windowless room that I can totes control the lighting in and have the party at a much more reasonable 2pm.

Last week, I began moving forward with the plans for the party, and I'm happily filling my Oriental Trading shopping cart with all sizes and shapes of glow sticks, when Milo says, "I want a Jake and the Neverland Pirates party."

Sunday, January 5, 2014

#weVerb14: number 5

A couple of days ago, someone suggested to me that I participate in #weVerb14, a series of writing prompts, a challenge, I guess.  It looks really cool, but I confess that none of the prompts inspired me enough to put pen to paper, as it were.  Too much thinking required, perhaps.

Anyway, today is the fifth prompt in the series (and let me just say, I really appreciate the laid-back vibe of this particular challenge, there is no pressure to complete every prompt, or even complete them in order.  So I am unabashedly jumping in here at number 5, with no heavy feeling of commitment for the rest of the series.  What a relief!) is:

5: sing

What song or lyrics will be forever tied to 2013 in your mind? What songs are you excited to keep with you through 2014?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Throw-Back-Thursday: I am, actually, Mark Zuckerberg.

Originally posted on "The I's Have It", March 7, 2011.  Filed under Insomnia, Insecurity, Identity.

Let me begin by saying: I am not, actually, Mark Zuckerberg. I am, in fact, a thirty-six year old woman who, for the most part, stays at home with her children, which very fact has kept me from writing a single blog post in the five years that I have owned this little bit of the Internet. And by that, of course, I mean the crippling fear that I will be misunderstood (in this case, pigeon-holed as a "mommy-blogger") has once again kept me from acting on an idea or impulse that probably will turn out to be a good thing for me. But back to Mr. Zuckerberg...

I'm gonna wreck it!

When I started this blog, a dozen posts or so ago, I was also writing another blog in which I gave voice to all of my various triumphs and trials and day-to-day minutiae.  It was completely photo-free, and I didn't really share it with too many people outside of my own family.  I can't remember exactly what prompted me to start Sartor, except I think it had to do with having the urge to break my no-photos rule while writing about some costume or another in a Disney World trip report.

I intended for Sartor to just be about costumes.....but, it turns out: