Saturday, November 9, 2013

Disney Bound, Cars Land Style

Last October, my family and I took a trip out to the West Coast, a twelve-day tour that took us from Los Angeles to Sonoma.  Being the Disney-loving family that we are, the trip naturally included a three-day stay at Disneyland, specifically to see and experience the new(er at the time) Cars Land.  We also planned to attend Mickey's Halloween Party, since we are big fans of Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party over at Disney World.

We are, obviously, not the type of family who is going to pass up an opportunity to wear costumes at Disney, but I also did not want to give over large amounts of precious luggage space to costumes we would only wear once on the trip.  My sons had decided that they absolutely wanted to dress as Cars characters, which I might have been hard-pressed to accommodate even withOUT the cross-country-travel aspect.  

Enter Disney Bound.

Have you heard of Disney Bound?  I could spend hours sifting through all of the clever and creative outfits.  The idea is that you put together real clothes, not costumes, that evoke a certain character (or attraction, or theme, etc.) without explicitly being that character (or attraction, or whatever).  I thought that our Cars-themed journey to Disneyland would be the perfect opportunity to attempt Disney Bounding.  On top of that, I was determined to make our outfits entirely out of clothing items that we could and would wear again, later in the trip.

First, to pick our characters:

Milo was devoted to Lightning McQueen, we decided on the "Radiator Springs" McQueen rather than the Piston Cup look (too many stickers!!).

Max picked Mater, and decided that Adrian and I should be Flo and Ramone, "because they're married."

I REALLY WISH I had better photos of the completed outfits.  I am going to do my best to describe all of the details that you can't see in this photo:

RADIATOR SPRINGS MCQUEEN: Black pants, white socks, red shoes.  Pretty basic. What you can't see is the black t-shirt with lightning bolt underneath the sweet red Adidas warm-up jacket with white racing stripes.  Ka-CHOW!

MATER: Brown and orange, to evoke Mater's rusty chassis, seemed the way to go.  Brown pants from his closet, brown and orange plaid shirt from eBay.  My two favorite parts of this outfit are the suede garage jacket, which worked color-wise AND thematically, and the hat.  The best part of the hat is not visible in this's the two long tassels with pom-poms hanging down behind, to represent Mater's tow hook.  Oh yeah.

FLO:  Once again, I kinda took the easy way out on my own costume.  Truth be told, this is a dress that I already had hanging in my closet (further disclosure: I actually own this dress in six different colors).  It was close enough to Flo's color, and the 1950's styling certainly fits.  I wore a crinoline underneath, for added mid-twentieth century authenticity (plus, I have a secret fantasy about going to Dapper Day one of these years!!) I wore my trusty Doc Martins for comfort, and to represent Flo's tires (the white socks were the white walls, naturally).  I found some great jewelry online (which I won't link to on principle, because of the TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE); a necklace with a V8 pendant, and a ring made out of a lug nut (which I still wear daily).

RAMONE: In keeping with the 1950's rockabilly vibe that I was going for with the Flo costume, we went for a hot-rod look for Ramone.  Dark jeans with a deep cuff, black Docs for the tires.  Ramone appears with several different paint jobs throughout the movie; Adrian picked purple for his jacket because he thought that was the color he would most likely wear again.  His black t-shirt says "Von Dutch", and we finished off the outfit with a couple of leather cuffs that you can't see in the photo.

We were Disney Bounding for Mickey's Halloween Party, which is in Disneyland, but before we went over there we had to visit Cars Land to get some photos.  And to just soak in the magic of Cars Land by night, when all the neon is lit.  It's pretty amazing, like walking straight into the movie.  One of the most immersive, and impressive, Disney experiences I have ever had.

Max was determined to add the perfect final touch to his outfit, which I am happy to say we were able to purchase at Sarge's Surplus Hut in Radiator Springs ("Ooh, honey, surplus!")    He was very pleased with himself:

I am happy to report that every item we wore that night was re-worn later in the trip, with the exception of my crinoline.  

I fear I could really get into Disney Bounding.  When I'm decorating my home, or directing shows, or really doing anything creative, I get a lot of pleasure out of including details that maybe only I will notice, or find funny or clever or what have you.  Disney Bounding has that same kind of appeal, to me.  I'm about to start packing for a trip to WDW next week.....If you see me there, don't be surprised if my outfits look vaguely familiar....

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  1. Great costume ideas! Thanks for sharing the site! Love the final touch of mater teeth! :-)


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