Saturday, October 26, 2013


Around the same time that Max was obsessing on the perfect Terrence-the-Pixie-Dust-Fairy acorn cap, he also decided he just had to have an Eve costume.

I know.  I KNOW.

Back to the trashcan aisle I went.  This time, I was after something in a small, white, swing-top, and the local big-box store did not disappoint.  Grabbed a roll of white duct tape and a new blade for my mini-hack saw, and I was in business.

I used a sheet of black fun foam for the face, cutting out two large eye shapes and glueing some brigh blue fun foam to the back side behind the openings.  I taped the swing-top closed all the way around with white duct tape, then sketched out the shape for the face area.  I cut out the face with the hack-saw, then fit the piece of black fun foam into the opening, securing it on the inside with more tape.

The trashcan top was very big, compared to Max's head, so I layered strips of foam around the inside of the completed helmet to make it fit more snugly.

I cut the bottom of the trashcan off, and then cut the remaining tube of plastic in half.  I used more white tape to make shoulder straps, and taped these to the top of the two tube halves.  I ended up needing to cut out small semi-circles from each side to make more room for Max's arms.  I covered all of the cut edges with more tape to avoid scratches.

A long-sleeved white shirt and white pants completed the costume.  Max didn't have any white pants on the day I gave him the costume, so he wore footless white tights with it, but the trashcan was not really long enough for the tights to be a good option if we were planning to leave the house ;)  Truth be told, he didn't often dress up in the complete Eve costume, but the helmet persists as one of his (and my) favorite homemade costume pieces, even five years later.

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