Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jessie, the Yodeling Cowgirl

The same year that my little boy was ob-sessed with Alice in Wonderland, his cousin had a real thing for Jessie, the Yodeling Cowgirl.

She was a teeny tiny thing, at the time (still is, actually), and my aversion to store-bought costumes is well known in my family, so it was pretty much a given that I would whip up a teeny tiny custom Jessie outfit for her (she's one of my three favorite little girls, after all).

The basic pieces were easy, blue jeans from her closet and a long-sleeved white t-shirt.  I went with a t-shirt instead of a button-down shirt both for the sake of making a little girl comfortable, and because proportionally, a child's button shirt would not really lend itself to Jessie's cartoon styling.

I had a piece of yellow-dyed bed sheet left from a previous project, so I used that to fashion cuffs and a vest to mimic the yoke of Jessie's shirt.  I made detachable vest because I knew the she would be having a party at school and otherwise eating in the costume, and I thought it might simplify matters if she took the vest off while eating, to preserve cleanliness (she was, after all, three years old at the time). The vest fastened with Velco, up the back.  With red puffy paint, I drew on the embroidery design.  I made a collar out of some white fabric and attached it to the yoke-vest.

I purchased some cow-hide print quilting fabric to make the wee little chaps.  It was a simple matter to lay her blue jeans out on my table, and trace around them to cut out the pieces I needed.  A few quick seams up the legs and a hem, and then I turned the tops in so I could insert a drawstring.  The drawstring worked pretty well, since the chaps fabric was very lightweight, but we did end up running the string through the belt loops of her jeans in the front and back for extra security, as she is a slim-hipped little thing.

A few more details, and the costume was finished.  I cut some large (about 2.5 inch) circles out of silver glitter fun foam, and cut slightly smaller circles out of white foam and stacked them to make the over-sized buttons for her shirt front and cuffs.  I took a white shower curtain ring, tied a short length of white yarn to it, and sewed the other end of the string to the back of the yoke-vest to be Jessie's pull-string (oh how I wish I had a photo of it!)

Her mom bought her a pair of cowboy boots, but I stubbornly insisted I would MAKE the hat.  Sometimes I really wonder about my sanity.  Anyway, I fashioned the hat shape out of chipboard, and duct-taped the heck out of it before spraying the whole thing with spray adhesive and covering it with red flannel.  And then I very laboriously sewed white yarn all the way around the brim.  You can actually buy a very nice Jessie hat from a variety of outlets (Target, the Disney Store)...I will comfort myself with the thought that maybe back in 2010, the hat wasn't as readily available, or you could only get the hat with the braid attached, or something.  There has to be a reason I made the hat.  (Possibly the reason is that I'm crazy.  Just call me the Mad Hatter, right?)

Anyway, here she is!

I am eagerly awaiting the year her little sister wears this costume....maybe 2014?

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