Thursday, November 3, 2011

That's Incredible!

When my nephew, Jack, turned seven, he decided to have a superhero-themed birthday party.  He was a good sport, and invited his young cousins, and the then almost-three-year-old Max decided it was a perfect opportunity to dress up.

I think what Jack, my nephew, had in mind were the classic Marvel and DC Comics characters:  Spiderman, Batman, Superman, an X-Man or two.  But to young Disney-loving Max, there was one superhero, and one superhero only, that would do: Dash Incredible.

This was actually a simple, simple costume to put together, and I don't really know why anyone would purchase the "ready-made" version, which is flimsy and ill-fitting, at best.  Red tights and a long-sleeved black leotard from my favorite source for such items, and we were halfway there.  I picked up a red t-shirt (it had a pocket, which I removed) and a pair of long black gloves (which he wore for about, oh, five minutes).  For the chest logo and belt, I used one of my favorite costume-making products, fun foam.  It's pretty cheap, light-weight, flexible, can be cut easily, accepts paint, marker or even crayon, can be glued or taped (which reminds me of one of my OTHER favorite costume-making products) and, best of all, DOES NOT NEED TO BE HEMMED.  This is golden, to me.  It was pretty simple to print out the logo from the internet, and the dimensionality of layered fun foam added a really nice touch.  I finished the whole thing off with a simple black mask, cut from a piece of black fleece that I had in my scrap bin, and a pair of black Crocs.

Now, baby Rebecca just screamed out to be Jack Jack.  Her costume was simple:  a red one-piece romper took care of the outfit.  Hers happened to have a rather large University of Georgia (goooooooooooooooo Dawgs!) logo emblazoned on it, so I attached her logo to a rectangular scrap of that same fleece and pinned it on (her mom did not want to permanently alter the romper).

Later that year, we went to Disney World and attended Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (this is a great time, I highly recommend it, and I highly recommend you attend in costume).  Max wore his Dash Incredible costume again, and Adrian went as Syndrome, the evil arch-enemy of the Incredibles.  I bought him an oversized black t-shirt, and cut Syndrome's stylized "S" out of white fun foam.  He wore it with black pants and a silver-lined cape that I made him many moons ago when we went as vampires for Halloween.  (Side note:  never under-estimate the value of a good cape.  When I made that cape, back in 2003, I really couldn't believe how much I spent on the very heavy satin used for both the exterior and lining.  That cape has more than paid for itself; I have since used it on my "Marco the Magnificent" (Carnival, 2004), "Vlad Vladikoff" (Seussical, 2008), for Adrian's "Stain" Halloween costume in 2010, for my sister's "Mother Gothel" Halloween costume in 2011, and it will see the stage again this December when Adrian plays "Drosselmeyer" in The Nutcracker Under the Sea.  It's still in great shape, and I imagine I will get many many more years of use out of it.)  Another black mask, and really, the only thing I wish I had been able to put my hands on was some orange hairspray:

Me?  I, of course, wore a short black dress with a pink shirt underneath and a pair of black tights, and called my self "Edna Mode", the Incredibles' costume designer.

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