Friday, November 4, 2011

Sometimes a boy just wants what a boy wants.

When Max was around three years old, he became absolutely obsessed with a little movie called The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.  I mean, OB.  SESSED.  He wanted to watch it two, three times a day.  He was a big Sharkboy fan, but his heart, and his fashion-envy, belonged to Lavagirl.

OH how he begged me for a Lavagirl costume!  I kept putting him off, I had no clear idea of how I could make such an outfit, and I feared/hoped he might lost interest before I even began.  But he is a tenacious little fellow, and he wants what he wants.

I was working on a costume for my brother-in-law's production of Cinderella, fashioning a pink gown that the mice could appear to sew onstage, and which could then be ripped apart by the ugly stepsisters, when inspiration (in the form of some left over, hot pink stretch velour - don't ask) struck.  It was the perfect Lavagirl pink, and I had just enough to make him a long-sleeved mock turtleneck with a velcro closure up the back.  In the girls' department of the local big-box, I found some hot pink sweatpants, and all of sudden, the costume started coming together.

I mentioned earlier my love of fun foam, and that's what I used to create the look of molten lava with overlaying plates on Lavagirl's torso.  I used a base of yellow foam and cut out the plate shapes from a dark red foam.  It was in making this costume that I figured out crayon can be used to color foam in a more subtle, blend-able way than markers or paint.  I shaded orange throughout the yellow lava "creeks" (Max's word, and I was never able to come up with a better way to describe it) and a dark purple around the edges of the red plates to give the illusion that they were slightly singed.

We never did but the plates on the pants, and we had grand plans to spray paint the boots purple, to better match Lavagirl's (the can of purple spray paint is, in fact, still in my craft cupboard, although the boots were outgrown long ago).  He was so excited about the shirt that he started wearing it right away, and by the time he relinquished the outfit so that I could finish the pants, Lavagirl's time in the sunshine of Max's attention had come to a close.


  1. oh, i wish we had a picture of lava girl with jack's shark boy. (i loved that costume!)

  2. also? i really, really love that you have a tag labeled: pink stretch velour


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